iPhone 15 Pro Max bags second position on DxOMark camera test, with first for video & bokeh modes

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Apple‘s newly launched iPhone 15 Pro Max has been in the headlines recently due to its severe overheating issues. Although Apple is probably working on a solution, the smartphone has outperformed nearly all its rivals in DxOMark’s camera test. It’s worth noting that it’s come in second place overall, just behind the Huawei P60 Pro. Nevertheless, the iPhone 15 Pro Max stands out as the top performer in certain camera categories.

iPhone 15 Pro Max DxOMark

iPhone 15 Pro Max camera system: Pros and Cons

As per the DxOMark test results, the iPhone 15 Pro Max is really good at making photos look bright and vibrant, especially on HDR screens. Even in low-light situations, it manages to keep photos well-balanced and not too dark or too bright. The colors, especially when it comes to skin tones, look nice and natural. When there’s plenty of light, it captures lots of detail, so you can see things clearly. The autofocus is quick and accurate, ensuring sharp pictures. Plus, it helps make videos look steady.

Apple iPhone 15 Pro

On the downside, in low-light conditions, you might notice some graininess in the photos, which can be disappointing. Occasionally, there are unwanted things like weird glares or double images in the photos. It does well in good light, but when there’s a big difference between bright and dark parts of a scene, it might struggle a bit. Also, the level of detail can vary when you zoom in, which might not meet your expectations.

iPhone 15 Pro Max final scores

With all that being said, the iPhone 15 Pro Max with 154 points has performed considerably better compared to the iPhone 14 Pro Max which is currently sitting in the 9th position with 146 points.

iPhone 15 Pro Max DxOMark

Although the iPhone 15 Pro Max wasn’t able to surpass the Huawei P60 Pro, it has taken the crown in terms of Bokeh mode and Video.

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