Gigglygifted Mini Roker

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Gigglygifted Mini Roker

Length Width Height Seat Height
23 Inch 21 Inch 22 Inch 11 Inch

Additional Information
Weight (approx) 12 kg
Dimensions 22 × 20 × 20 in

A timeless piece of furniture that brings us back to a time line gone.


  • Gigglygifted Mini Rocker are made of such type of material which is easy to clean . Any type of spot easily can wiped. There is not chink of chance of going its shine .
  • You can take breathe of relief by knowing  that , Gigglygifted chairs are waterproof and damage free for children . If there is any accidental split of liquid on it won’t cause any damage to the chair . Insuring that it is reliable and durable choice for children .
  • Gigglygifted rocking chair are made of such incredible colours that makes your child happy and full excitement . It will be such a joyful moment for them to enjoy on their on rocking chair.
  • Let us invest in them not only for practical benefits ,but also to get us spark of joy and smile on the faces of god gifted little ones .




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