Geely unveils the Farizon Auto SuperVan with swappable battery, methanol range extender

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Geely‘s sub-brand Farizon Auto has unveiled its SuperVan commercial EV with a high-voltage swappable battery. The Farizon SuperVan also features a Methanol Range Extender and uses drive-by-wire technology.

Farizon Auto SuperVan

The Farizon Auto SuperVan can output up to 10kW of 220V AC power for outdoor electricity use. The SuperVan is a great camping vehicle and has a pillarless side opening. The van’s versatility means that it can be configured for multiple purposes. Its drive-by-wire architecture eliminates the physical connection between the driver controls and the wheels. Rather than a mechanical connection between the brake pedal and calipers, a wire is in place as a link. The wire technology is also applied to the steering and acceleration system of the van.

Farizon Auto SuperVan

The body of the SuperVan can be detached from its rolling chassis, allowing the EV to be easily adaptable to having a longer or short wheelbase, different types of suspension, and different steering configurations. The Farizon Auto SuperVan is termed a New Energy Vehicle (NEV) and it also comes with adaptive cruise control, city and highway auxiliary driving, and an intelligent speed limit assistant. The SuperVan also supports fatigue monitoring and the driver can have a 360-degree digital panoramic view from the cockpit.

Farizon Auto SuperVan

The Farizon Auto SuperVan delivers intelligent power charging, scheduled charging, and digital key functionality. Certain features of the NEV can be controlled via its companion mobile app. There are still important details lacking for the SuperVan but the optics so far have been promising. More details are expected from Farizon Auto as the release of the SuperVan is awaited.

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