Spotify’s Rumored “Supremium” Tier with Lossless Music May Be Close to Launch

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Are you tired of waiting for Spotify‘s long-promised HiFi tier? Well, new clues suggest it may be closer to reality than ever. A Reddit user has dived deep into Spotify’s app code and unveiled the possibility of a “Supremium” tier, which aims to provide 24-bit Lossless music, touted to be free from “lag and delays.”

An AI feature in the new tier can probably recommend new music and patterns

While the details remain speculative, what we know is pretty intriguing. Imagine being able to sort your playlists by “danceability” or customizing them based on tempo and key. Sounds fun, right? That’s not all. The tier might also offer smooth transitions between tracks, nixing those awkward moments of silence, and introduce mood-based or genre-specific filtering options.


Here’s the kicker: AI-driven playlists and a feature called “Soundcheck” could be on the cards. Think of Soundcheck as a combination of Spotify Wrapped and Daily Mixes, essentially giving you insights into your listening habits and personalized music recommendations.

Wait, audiobook lovers, you’re in luck as well. Supremium could potentially offer 30 hours of audiobooks each month, a feature bound to shake up how you consume content on the platform.

As for the cost, Supremium is currently tagged at $20 per month, more expensive than any existing Spotify Premium plans, but in line with Tidal’s 24-bit HiFi Plus offering. The price, of course, is subject to change if and when this becomes official.

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