Xiaomi Smart Camera 3 Pro with 3K image quality launched in China for 319 yuan ($44)

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The Xiaomi Smart Camera 3 Pro has gone on sale in China. The new Xiaomi smart camera outputs 3K image quality and is capable of detecting a baby’s cry. The Xiaomi Smart Camera 3 Pro uses a 5MP camera with a resolution of 2960 x 1666 pixels. The camera uses ultra-low light full color and a high-sensitivity image sensor for adapting to dark light environments.

The camera has built-in infrared fill light that supports the detection of human activity. The camera will automatically notify the user when someone is close by. It supports AI face recognition to differentiate strangers from acquaintances. The High Dynamic Range (HDR) mode ensures picture clarity and retains more details in strong light or backlight scenarios.

Xiaomi Smart Camera 3 Pro

The Xiaomi Smart Camera 3 Pro has a Bluetooth Mesh gateway that can serve as a smart home device control center. It can also flexibly command and dispatch the smart linkage of devices and deliver smart home care tips. When the camera picks up abnormal noise in the home, its remote notification feature is triggered to the owner. It also supports real-time detection of baby crying and a notification is also sent.

Xiaomi Smart Camera 3 Pro

The Xiaomi Smart Camera 3 Pro is equipped with a MIJIA security chip MJA1 with a unique private key and certificate. The security architecture of the camera ensures data communication and privacy. You can customize the camera’s sleep time to suit your needs. You can make two-way voice calls with the Xiaomi Smart Camera 3 Pro. It can pick up sound within an 8-meter radius, thanks to an independent cavity large-diameter speaker and microphone. The smart camera can be purchased for 319 yuan (~$44) from retail platforms like JD.com.

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